The mission of Cultivating the Good is to highlight the people, organizations, and businesses bringing positive change to our global food system. Along the way, we’ll explore current events, food and agricultural policies, and stories from the field.

The problems facing us as a global community of farmers and eaters are enormous. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the solutions don’t have to be. In fact, sometimes the answers are the little things happening right under our nose: the thriving community garden down the block, the bootstrapping technology start-up at the local college, the tiny nonprofit keeping farmers on their land.

These projects are happening across the country, in every state and almost every city. And together, they are changing our food system for the better.

The food movement has always grown from the ground up, from seeds of ideas that begin small and, with careful cultivation, grow and flourish. Cultivating the Good will explore and promote these innovative ideas, raise awareness, create a conversation, and spark a movement.

We have the power to change the way our country farms and eats, we just need to cultivate it.