The Salad Days are Here…in Chicago, Anyway!

Farmer's Fridge
Eating healthy while on the go can be really challenging. Whenever I’m forced to find something semi-healthy and unprocessed at a highway rest stop, I always think of Michael Pollan’s Food Rule: “Don’t Get Your Fuel from the Same Place your Car Does.” Right. Sounds good — but is it possible?

A new Chicago-based company is working on making it so. Farmer’s Fridge prepares gourmet salads, snacks, and breakfast foods, seals them in recyclable BPA- and Phthalate-free plastic jars, and delivers them to an automated kiosk (aka vending machine) every morning.

The offerings,  prepared from scratch using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, are even SPE Certified, meaning they are sourced and prepared carefully, and contain smart balances of whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins.

Farmer's Fridge

Prices range from $4.25 for snacks like sliced veggies and hummus, on up to salads starting at $8. Certainly higher than your average vending machine purchase, but a pretty great deal when you think about what you’re getting. Forget the chips and candy bars. We’re talking fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, grains, and even goat cheese.

With this much perishable food, you have to wonder about waste. The good news is that any food that’s not sold at the end of the day is donated to local shelters—and after 6 p.m., everything in the machine is $1 off. Staying late at the office? This could be your salvation.

Right now, the only Farmer’s Fridge kiosk is located at Garvey’s Food Court, but we think this idea is poised to take off—and not just in Chicago, either. We’ve got our fingers crossed that NYC is next on the list.

Thanks for Cultivating the Good, Farmer’s Fridge!

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