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24 Jan 2014

Three Crowdfunding Options for Your Food Project

When it comes to crowdfunding, Kickstarter is probably the most well-known platform—and for good reason! They’ve helped more than 5 million people fund more than 50,000 projects. In recent years though, the marketplace has gotten much more crowded. In fact,
17 Jan 2014

Clean Your Plate: Weekly Round-Up 1/17/14

Enjoy the weekend folks! If you missed them, do check out our posts on the Farm Bill and FoodCorps, and then load up the browser with these interesting links. As always, share your own in the comments!
15 Jan 2014

Milking It: What is up with the Farm Bill?

After years of debate, drama, fighting, and occasional compromise, the future of the Farm Bill could hinge on a tall glass of milk. Since the new year dawned, we’ve been treated to near daily updates on the bill,
13 Jan 2014

FoodCorps is Recruiting…Right Now!

Ok, so last week’s jobs report might have been a bummer, but here’s some good news for those of you seeking a new gig: FoodCorps is recruiting! Now working in 15 states (and soon to add Georgia
10 Jan 2014

Clean Your Plate: Weekly Round-Up 1/10/14

Say hello to what we hope will become a regular feature on Cultivating the Good! Clean Your Plate will be a weekly round-up of food news: our favorite stories, things that made us stop and wonder, stuff to
6 Jan 2014

The Salad Days are Here…in Chicago, Anyway!

Eating healthy while on the go can be really challenging. Whenever I’m forced to find something semi-healthy and unprocessed at a highway rest stop, I always think of Michael Pollan’s Food Rule: “Don’t Get Your Fuel from the Same Place